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About Us

Company Mission

We strive to enhance the Jeep and offroading experience through high quality, hand crafted, american made products. We are a small family owned foundry started in 2020 making aluminum castings. We still use very manual and traditional mold making techniques. We very much consider ourselves to be craftsmen of our trade.

2020 - Inception of Cast Off-Road

Founded as a family-owned foundry, committed to enhancing the off-roading experience through premium aluminum products.

Craftsmanship Legacy

Embracing traditional mold making techniques, Cast Off-Road establishes itself as a craftsman's haven, delivering quality and authenticity.

Customization Evolution

Responding to enthusiasts' desires, Cast Off-Road introduces custom-colored aluminum products, adding a new dimension of personalization.

Future Forward:

Building on our heritage, Cast Off-Road continues to innovate, evolving with the off-road community to shape the adventures of tomorrow.

Transformed my Jeep's look! Sturdy and stylish – Cast Off-Road handles are top-notch.

John T.

Quality meets aesthetics. Love the custom colors! A must-have upgrade.

Sarah M.

Impressive craftsmanship. Cast Off-Road handles exceeded my off-roading expectations.

Alex P.

Perfect fit, durable build. These handles truly enhance my off-road adventures.

Emily R.

Nate Creamer, Our Founder

Nate Creamer, the visionary behind Cast Off Road, embarked on this journey with a profound passion for off-roading and an unwavering commitment to quality craftsmanship. With a background in metalwork and a deep love for Jeep adventures, Nate set out to redefine the off-roading experience.

His dedication to preserving traditional mold making techniques and his relentless pursuit of excellence have been the driving forces behind Cast Off Road’s success. Nate’s mission is to inspire fellow enthusiasts to explore the great outdoors with the confidence that comes from having the best in hand.

Frequently Ask Questions

Can I order custom colored door handles for my Jeep?

Absolutely! We offer the option to personalize your door handles with a custom color of your choice. Simply fill out a short order form specifying your Jeep model (Wrangler/Gladiator), door configuration (2 door/4 door), and keyless entry preference to order custom door handle on this link.

Are these handles compatible with my Jeep model?

Our aluminum door handles are designed to fit 2018-present Jeep Wranglers (JL, JLU) and Jeep Gladiators (JT). They come in options for both two-door and four-door configurations.

Do these handles work with or without keyless entry?

Absolutely. Our handles are compatible with both keyless entry and non-keyless entry Jeeps. Handles with keyless entry feature an additional hole for the push-button lock/unlock mechanism.

What is the advantage of using aluminum handles over plastic ones?

Our high-strength aluminum handles not only add a splash of color and quality to your Jeep, but they also provide a more rugged and durable "hand feel." Unlike OEM plastic handles, our aluminum handles do not fade with UV light exposure.

Is installation complicated?

Installation is a breeze! No cutting, drilling, or complex tools required. With basic tools, you can have our handles installed in just 10-15 minutes per handle. Plus, reverting to your original handles is easy if needed.

Are these handles compatible with the Jeep Gladiator truck model?

Absolutely! Our handles are compatible with Jeep Gladiator trucks as well. We offer sets of four handles for the side doors of the Gladiator, enhancing both style and functionality.

Ready to Elevate Your Off-Roading Experience?

Explore our diverse range of premium aluminum products, meticulously handcrafted to enhance your Jeep's performance and style. Whether you're seeking unrivaled durability or personalized aesthetics, Cast Off-Road has you covered. Join us in making every off-road journey an unforgettable adventure.


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